Encouraging Cancer Patients

Need some practical tips on what to do for those who are going through treatment? Go to the Boomer Babes Rock Blog. During this busy holiday season, don’t neglect your friends undergoing treatment. They’ll need you now more than ever.

In my circle of friends, I know four. Isn’t that amazing? Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you as you find useful ways to help and encourage them.

When I was in the hospital my friend, Sharen, brought me Starbucks and it was the perfect gift. She knew I didn’t like the typical, lukewarm sludge the hospital was passing off as coffee. I couldn’t tell you what flowers I received but I’ll always remember her thoughtfulness.

Father, we ask you to guide us as we seek to encourage those going through cancer treatment. We lift up Sharon, Deena, Kristy, Kathi, Judy and _______undergoing treatment. Help us bless them through our love, encouragement and service. Give them a peace which transcends understanding as you heal and restore their bodies. Bless them with a Christmas and Thanksgiving full of praise and wonderful memories. In Jesus Name, Amen


6 thoughts on “Encouraging Cancer Patients

  1. I’ve just this minute left a blog whose owner has been through ovarian cancer treatment. Thank you for keeping cancer patients/survivors in the forefront. I’ve lost 2 friends to cancer (young families, tragic) and I myself was healed of cervical cancer (through prayer) over 20 years ago. God is faithful! My two children are “miracle” babies, born after my healing. :~DBTW, bless you for persevering with your MIL. Get help and rest, when you need it. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs, e-Mom

  2. Thanks for always been a source of encouragement and inspiration.. Goingto sit at the hospital today whilemy BFF Marcia, has surgery to determineif her thyroid is cancerous.Pray for her pleaseyour friend..Deena

  3. Deena – so happy to hear your BFF Is cancer free. What a good friend you are to be there for her in the midst of your treatment. You rock!Sherry – thanks for stopping by.Kay – 🙂 You are so fun!eMom – Thanks for your kind remarks. What a lot you have been through. Praise God for His healing power.Ton – 🙂

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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