More Chances To Win!
Congratulations Diane Daniels – you won The Penny by Joyce Meyer.

My friend Susan is also holding a drawing. Please visit her site by clicking on her name.

Leave a comment about what you are most thankful for, and you will be entered into a drawing for 3 Love Inspired books: Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad, Giving Thanks for Baby by Terri Reed, and From This Day Forward by Irene Hannon. Entry deadline is Sunday, Nov 25th at 6pm RMT. Happy Thanksgiving!


7 thoughts on “More Chances To Win!

  1. Hey, thanks Jan for mentioning my contest! You are so sweet, really, and a very giving person.I am thankful for friends and family who love Jesus and pray for each other.(I’m breaking my blogging break a bit here, but couldn’t help saying thank you.)

  2. I am most thankful for GOD’S HEALING POWER. December 18, 2006 my 24 year old daughter had a seizure at work. We found out she had a brain tumor the size of a lemon. December 27, 2006 she had brain surgery. The doctor was able to remove 80% of the tumor which was cancer. She went through 6 weeks of radiation. The doctor said their goal was to shrink the tumor as much as possible but there was no way the radiation could get ALL of the tumor. In September she had another MRI and the tumor is GONE. Remember, the doctor said there was no way they could get all the tumor through radiation. That leaves only one answer to where the tumor went…..GOD HEALED HER! Our family has a lot to be THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving.

  3. I’m thankful for God’s provision…my husband just got a job as the facilities manager at our church. It comes with free housing, free electricity, free heat, free water/sewer, free trash and free internet access. We have been prayerfully seeking to honor God with our finances, and through this job, He is giving us a fresh start and the chance to get ahead a little. Yahweh Yireh, my Provider!I’m incredibly thankful for my amazing husband, who handles each of my highs and lows with diplomatic aplomb while gently guiding me into truth and steering me away from the lies of my past. He is one in a million. God’s gift to me above my wildest imaginings.I’m also thankful for my two sons, who delight my soul daily with their antics. I discovered them this afternoon catapulting themselves off a row of chairs onto my mountain of dirty clothes in the laundry room and shouting, “Cannonball!!!!” at the top of their lungs. I was so blessed to know that what to me is a bane (soiled laundry!!) to my children is a fun diversion. I’m thankful both for their creative minds and also for God’s view of my chore delinquency and reminding me of what really matters in life.

  4. Susan – ah, you are so kind. Great news about your successful operation. Andrea – praising God with you. What a lovely blog you have. Thanks for stopping over here and sharing your daughters powerful testimony. Ton – I thankful for Starbucks and friends like you. 🙂 Auntie Becks – What an wonderful story of God’s provision. Praising God with you. Beautiful family. Thanks for stopping at my blog.Deena – And don’t forget all those wonderful grandsons. 🙂 What a blessing.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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