Breast Friends Day

We had a fabulous Breast Friends Day. I think the women at the front desk of the Sally Jobe Breast Center were surprised by us. We came dressed in pink, giving out pink M&M’s, chatting and laughing. We weren’t their typical clients. It was great fun to pass out pink M&M’s to the unsuspecting women in the waiting room and staff. They asked us if we’d been to lunch. Did they think we’d been drinking? They don’t know that we’re always this much fun.

This was my first experience with digital mammography and it was a good one. It took less time and there weren’t any of the usual retakes. We were in and out of there in about a ½ hour.

As we waved goodbye the women at the front desk said, “See you next year! Are you going to bring M&M’s again?”
We laughed, “Of course!”

Then we went to Mimi’s for an extended lunch, quality girl chat and comfort food. After we’d outlasted our server, we zipped down the road to Starbucks (I know you’re not surprised!). After a big lunch and coffee, we were too full for Godiva’s. Even though one of us had to take Advil for discomfort, we had a very nice afternoon.

I know some of you are wondering if we actually go into the mammography room with each other. We don’t. So don’t let that keep you from joining our club. Our last scheduled BF date is on Nov 9th. If you’re in the Denver area, please join us. If not, schedule one in your own town.

The breast news is – one of us has already received a clean bill of health. We celebrate those with Starbucks and Godiva chocolates. What are you waiting for? Don’t you need a breast friend?


6 thoughts on “Breast Friends Day

  1. In case you’re wondering, I’m the breast friend with a clean bill of breast health this year. Much better than last year when I had a biopsy to be sure a suspicious area wasn’t breast cancer (it wasn’t). But truly, the Sally Jobe Breast Center is very woman friendly, and yes, they can’t wait for us to come back with our pink selves again next year. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the inspiring post. Last time I had mine, I had to go back about 3 times for Ultrasound and further tests for suspicious area. Time before last I had to go back once. But it all came out well in the end. Maybe my facility needs to update to avoid these trips and hair raising calls from my doctor.

  3. Teresa- try to find a facility that uses digital. It really does make a big difference and will save you lots of time and worry. It’s especially good for those who tend to have dense tissue. I’m happy to report that everyone from the first Breast Friend group had a good report. Please continue to pray for those on our list who are still going through this.

  4. Too cool, Jan.Hope you found a copy of A Prince Among Dogs : – )So glad you liked my website–Kelli Standish is the web guru. Blessings,Bonnie

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