I Love This Town Contest!

This is why I love living in Colorado. Today was a picture perfect day, 70 degrees, clear skies and an amazing view of our snow-capped peaks. The forecast calls for beautiful weather through tomorrow, but snow in town on Sunday. Stop back by, I’ll share some snapshots of our first snow.

As I drove around town today, I realized how blessed I am to live in this beautiful state. People from all over the world come to vacation here and I get to live here year ’round.

I couldn’t help it. I had to stop the car and get some of these shots. I love this town. How blessed I am. Thank you Jesus.

In honor of my hometown and because I love Colorado so much, I’ve selected something very special for this drawing: a John Fielder’s Colorado 2008 Scenic Calendar!

To enter the drawing, post a comment about your hometown, or the town you live in, and why you love it so much. All entries must be place by noon on November 3rd to be eligible to win. If you don’t have a blogger account, you can enter by clicking the other button and add your name. You must also be willing to send me your snail mail address. Good Luck!


19 thoughts on “I Love This Town Contest!

  1. o i love my hometown as it used to be a fishing village and everyone knows each-other but like most places we do have our problems and problem folk. Did you know ? Laurel of Laurel and hardy was born in my home town North Shields before his parents moved to the USA.

  2. Colorado is very beautiful–I’ve been a handful of times–Colorado Springs and Denver mostly. I would love to be entered for your drawing. Thanks for stopping by and giving your opinion.

  3. We’re a military family, so it’s tough to pick a “hometown”. God is so good and faithful in each place that we’ve been! Hubby and I grew up in Connecticut. My town was a little farming community…our highschool even had “tractor day” where kids drove tractors to school and circled the common out front (my Dad wouldn’t let me as we lived 8 miles away and it’d take me all day to get to school!) After hubby joined the Air Force and we got married, God moved us to AK to begin our life together. There our oldest son was born. 3 1/2 years later we moved to Louisiana, and though I don’t like bugs or humidity, God made Louisiana home too. My daughter and youngest son were born there. Then last year we were blessed with a move to Utah and SNOW! My children, who hadn’t seen snow in 8+ years, built 5 snowmen in one day!! We’ve come to realize that God is good all the time, WHEREVER you are! Home is always with Him!!

  4. Being a photographer, Colorado is one of the prettiest states to live in. Whether catching the sunlight on the snow or the golden hues of fall, I am blessed to live in Colorado.

  5. Oh wow- those are just beautiful! I’d like to enter your contest- but I prefer to keep my hometown unknown to the world wide web.Thanks for stopping by my blog to wish me a happy birthday!

  6. I live in Central Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I love the farms and fields, rolling green hills, forests of pine, maple, oak, hiking trails through the woods, lakes to kayak, paths to bike, God’s beauty revealed through nature.

  7. Inspired – sounds like a wonderful hometown. Danica – after a while, we get used to it but I am determined to fully appreciate it every day. Heather- Glad you’re here.Susan – 🙂 That sounds like a nice setting for a book.Jennag – Glad to see your face.Amy – Tractor Day sounds so fun! We are somewhat city and somewhat farming here. I love the diversity. We are close to the city but there are cows out to pasture and horses on the trails. Ton – and we are blessed to have you here!Melanie – “Happy Birthday to you!” Lauren – never tire of it and hopefully never take it for granted.

  8. Currently, I live in Greenbelt, Maryland. I love this town because it’s fairly close to Washington DC. Although it’s a small town, the fact that it’s near a major tourist attraction makes it pleasing to me. I’ve grown used to living here, and even after I got married, my hubby and I decided to continue living here so we purchased our first home in Greenbelt! They have a great Labor Day Festival each year, and we enjoy going to that.

  9. Oh I love Colorado! I’ve been to Steamboat and the Breckenridge area to ski. In college, I came out to Colorado Springs to CSU for a youth conference.Nothing beats a Colorado Severe-Clear blue sky!

  10. Cecelia – I love small towns. Ours is also a small town though it is part of the Metro area. Mama Roar – I agree – nothing like a Colorado sky. When we lived in California I dearly missed the Colorado sky. I never ever tire of it which is why you see so many sky pictures on my blog.

  11. I agree. Colorado is fabulous. We took three of our boys and their families there for vacation this past summer. So much fun taking our grandsons on their first mountain trails and riding the alpine slide. Loved it. I live in Tulsa, and it is the BEST place in Oklahoma. City perks in a compact, beautiful city with hills and trees and great weather most of the year (except for tornado season :-)). We’ve only been here four years, but are looking forward to many more.

  12. My husband and I took bus tours into the mtns. both years we attended the ICRS in Denver. It was fabulous. First time in CO for both of us and we were overwhelmed at God’s handiwork and creativity.

  13. My hometown of Mt. Shasta, California is a winter wonderland much like Colorado. I love how the weather changes bring clouds shaped much like an angel’s wing over the mountain. The snow caps seen from below do not give away the glaciers that go unseen. However, those glaciers provide the most wonderful water to the towns that sit at the foot of the mountain, such as Mt. Shasta City, Weed, Dunsmuir and McCloud. The summer months provide many opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty God has created through hiking, camping and water sports. I currently live in the Lower Yakima Valley in Washington state. What was once a desert is now a bounty of agriculture. One can travel the country roads and take in the sites of leaves changing colors and hills covered in vineyards and orchards. Living in Wine Country has provided me the opportunity to appreciate the fresh vegetables and fruits I place on the dinner table each night. I have grown to appreciate the beauty of the valley in the fall for the colorful palatte God has given us during months of change. And as the season bows to winter, the town in which I work hosts an annual Lighted Farm Implement Parade. Community members, farmers and businesses decorate vehicles and farming equipment with Christmas lights to woo crowds each December. It is really amazing…and very cold, so we take advantage of the hot chocolate provided by several civic groups.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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