Great Baseball Moments – Rocktober 2007

I’ve been a Colorado Rockies fan since their second year when my parents invited me to my first game. I lived in California at the time and was in town visiting.

“Can I bring my cross-stitching?” I asked innocently. I’ve never been a big sports fan – I was just looking for a way to make it bearable. Dad’s incredulous look told me it was probably not a good plan. He was sure if he could get me to a game, I’d change my mind.

With remarkably low expectations, I walked into the stadium and gasped. It was nothing like I’d expected. Coors Field was pristine, decked in purple and black with articulately manicured lawns. Anticipation pulsated through the stadium as fans wildly applauded their favorite players. Tears welled up in my eyes as a children’s choir sang the national anthem. But, when Dante Bichette cracked out a homerun, I knew I was hooked. Dante really knew how to poke ‘em out! What an awesome way to spend an afternoon.

The following season my husband, Greg, woke me up early. “Get dressed. The Rockies are playing at Candlestick Park and we’re going to the game.” The kids and I were ready to go in record time.

For years, I’ve heard my husband reminisces about the great baseball moments he’s seen and I wanted my own baseball moment. So on our way to Candlestick, I prayed for a baseball moment to share with my Grandkids some day. (Our kids were only 9 and 11 then; I was thinking way into the future.)

Amidst a sea of Giants orange, our purple Rockies gear proudly stood out for all to see. Good thing my husband’s a big guy! We had reasonably good seats, but I wanted some close-ups of Dante as the team warmed up. I went down as close to the field as I possibly could. As I leaned over the rail to get a better shot, Dante noticed and posed. After practice was over, he sauntered over to us. Oblivious, I kept shooting.

“Mom, hold out your hand. He’s handing you the ball,” my son says.

“Thanks,” was all I could muster in my shocked state of mind.

My baseball moment! In shock, I took the stairs two and three at a time, blowing past our seats. God even cares if I have a baseball moment. How cool is that?

Another baseball moment came this April, when we attended a very cold game with our son and his fiancé. We were back behind home plate, nearly under the second level. It was drinking a cup of coffee when a foul ball popped up, bounced off the second level and into my lap, spilling hot coffee (they don’t have lids like Starbucks). Greg grabbed the ball. It took me a while to realize this was another great baseball moment!

My most recent great baseball moment happened this last Monday night as the Colorado Rockies Swept their way to the World Series! Yes, we are on our way to the World Series. Forgive me for canceling everything until the series is over. No other team in baseball history has swept their way to the World Series. We’ve won 21 of our last 22 games. I just don’t want to miss a single great baseball moment.

Some day I’ll take my grandchildren to the Rockies game and tell them the story about Roctober 2007 – the year the Rockies swept their way to the World Series.


9 thoughts on “Great Baseball Moments – Rocktober 2007

  1. I agree Jan, GO Rockies! We live in a sports town. Growing up as a Bronco fan, I remember the times spent with my family cheering them on. Just like your post, it was about spending time with family. Watching people do amazing and unheard of things creates lasting memories for all generations. When I took the kids across country one year we stopped off in St. Louis to see the Arches. Mark Maguire had surpassed some number for home runs and the stadium that day was packed with a sea of red and white. I have pictures from the top of the Arches looking down into the stadium and seeing all the people dressed in their team’s colors. Even though I am not a Cardinal fan, it was amazing to somewhat participate in that.

  2. Hi Debbie – thanks for stopping in.:) Tonya – I’m so glad you ‘get me.’Megan – Yes, Rocktober buddies and fav five’s. I checked for a cool t-shirt but all they had were boy shirts so I’ll have to get one on the web.Chelf – that sounds so nice and comfy – a quilt with old t-shirts. I made one with old jeans for my son and he loves it. I hope you make it some day. 🙂

  3. Love your blog!I share your baseball sentiments, although I’m rootin’ for my home-town team – the Indians.

  4. Jan,I am very emotional this week – has nothing to do with Rockies – more like hormones and life, but as I read your blog I found myself so moved that I am sitting here at Paneras with tears in my eyes. God does care about the little things, even baseball moments. You told this so well. I am not a baseball gal, but right now I hope the Rockies win the whole thing just for you!

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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