Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re celebrating with our Breast Friends event. We still have openings the afternoon of Oct 19th as well as time in the late morning of Nov 9th. If you live in the Denver area and would like to be part of our celebration party, please email me or leave a comment on this blog. Do something special for both your family and yourself. Schedule a screening today. Click here to view the full post.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would like to pray for those struggling with the disease. Please preface the post with the words, “Please Pray for…” and list his or her name and/or initials so that we can lift them up in prayer.

Please also share your praise reports for those who have overcome breast cancer or have received a bill of clean health after a scare.

To honor the memory of those who have passed on from breast cancer, preface your post with, “In Memory Of…” and tell us about your friend or loved one.


10 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Thanks for the invitation to stop by and join in. What a great idea! Did my screening this summer – as always! Thanks for the reminder.I am happy to say that, at the moment, I have no names to put on the list. Praise God! Praying for the others for sure.Have a great – prayer filled -week.

  2. Great Post thanks for stopping by my site. I will be praying for your friend Sharon and the many others. Awareness is so important!

  3. Thank you for this invitation.Praise for my personal friend Connie Pombo (met her through our God Allows U-Turns book tour, we have stories in the same book) who is a breast cancer survivor. You’ve “met” her as one of the Boomer Babes :)Prayer for my Aunt Judy who after recovering from breast cancer for many years, has cancer back that has spread to her bones. Please pray for the continued peace of God in her life for as many days as the Lord gives her here on earth. She knows Jesus…

  4. Thanks for this great post, Jan. I’m an 11-year breast cancer survivor (stage II), and I must say although I don’t want to re-live the events of the past 11 years, I can’t imagine my life without them. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today had it not been for March 21, 1996. Through my tragedy, pain and loss, I found my passion–speaking and writing. My mom is a 16-year breast cancer survivor and she was my “rock,” during my surgery, treatment, and radiation. She’s doing great and’m so thankful for her courage. Every day is Mother’s Day to me! Unfortunately, many of my friends diagnosed at the time I was did not make it, so in memory of Trish, Juanita, and Chris, I want to say, “Thank you for being my angels!” As far as mammograms; I get MRI’s in July of each year. Not that much fun with a rotator cuff tear, laying down with an IV, and your arms outstretched for 45 minutes, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do–right?!?!?!? Does that mean I can’t join the “Mammogram Club?” Smile!Thanks, Jan, for this awesome blog!Hugs!

  5. Father we lift up these women and their families and we ask that your healing hand would be upon them. We pray for their emotional, physical, and spiritual healing due to breast cancer. We thank You and trust You. In Jesus Name,Amen

  6. Please, please pray for Kathi. She has been in stage 4 cancer and one kind of treatment or another for nearly 3 years. She is the most courageous and faithful woman of God I’ve ever known. Through it all, she always has an encouraging word, and her faith in God never fails. She’s young (53), and this is a second occurence. She has been through so much. Please join with me, along with many others as we pray for her healing. Also, Kathi desires that God receives all the honor and glory as she walks through these days of further treatment.Is she amazing or what?!

  7. Please pray for my neighbor and friend, Brenda. She has breast cancer. She had a mastectomy, chemo and radiation last Demember, but goes in on October 11th for another mamogram because they found another lump. Thank you for this post!Hugs! Sharon

  8. Please pray for my Aunt, Sharon Gage. She had a double mastectomy a few months ago and now has to take her chemo in the form of a daily pill for the next 5 years. She can not do aggressive therapy because she is a 2 time kidney transplant patient. The pill makes her weak and sick, but she believes it’s better than the alternative. I was planning on doing the Race for the Cure next Sunday in her honor, but am unable to do so this year, which is upsetting.Thanks for the prayers.

  9. Becky – Glad to hear you have your screening annually. It’s a pleasure to have you stop by. Alisun – Thanks for stopping by. Your prayers are very much appreciated. Susan -We will be praying for your Aunt Judy and we are Praising God with you about Connie’s miraculous healing. 🙂 Connie – We are rejoicing with you for the miracle God’s done in your life! Even if you don’t have a traditional mamo, we’d love to have you in BF. Just get a few friends to get their screening on the same day, you can all do lunch, followed by chocolate and coffee.Thanks for sharing your story. Hugs back. 🙂 Tonya – Thanks for praying! What a blessing you are. Sharen – We are praying for Kathi. What an amazing woman. And you are an amazing friend.Sharon – We will be praying for Brenda. Please keep us updated on her condition and let her know we are praying for her. Niki – Praying for Sharon G. I’m sorry you weren’t able to race in the Race for the Cure but I know she understands. Maybe you are on the sidelines on this one so you can be there for Kim and her precious family. I see peace falling like rain on Sharon right now. 🙂 Hugs.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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