8 Factoids About Me!

One of my BFF’s Jerri tagged me with this and I decided to rename it. I’m supposed to tell you 8 Little Known Facts About Me. Most of you don’t know the following information. Those closest to me will have to tell me if any of it is new information.

  1. I love coffee. LOL. You all know that was just a test. But what you might not know is that I have to have it extra hot or iced. I can’t drink it tepid. Like the Bible says, “cold or hot or I will spew it out.”
  2. I played the flute, bassoon, and tuba in school.
  3. I now live in the same metro area as my high school and I’ve never been to a reunion. In fact, I was not even pictured in my senior yearbook because we couldn’t afford the photo’s. This summer would have been my 25-year reunion.
  4. I used to be shy but it wasn’t working for me so I started talking and haven’t stopped since.
  5. I married for love. When we were first married and my DH told me how much he made in the Navy, I thought he was joking until we got his first check. We celebrate our 25th in March.
  6. I collect carnival glass. I find it real cheap at yard sales and feel bad when I buy it for a quarter. I just love the unique, iridescent glow.
  7. My decorating style is antique castle. If it’s an antique or looks like it belongs in a castle, I’ll usually love it.
  8. About 5 years ago, I sold drain cleaners and parts washers. I made good money but I did a lot of travel and was miserable away from my family. Finally, when I received my “Premier Award”, I realized it wasn’t working for me. Money and the awards of man were not making me happy so I quit and started working from home part time. I keep it next to my computer to remind me of my priorities.

I now tag Robbi, Megan, Danica, Niki, Diane, Paula, Leigh Ann, Connie, Susan, Tonya, and if anyone else who wants to join in, please leave a comment so we can read your factoids.


8 thoughts on “8 Factoids About Me!

  1. Hey Jan, thanks for the tag. I did a 7 facts about me MeMe (see in my sidebar)a few months ago. If it’s okay with you, I’ll answer those eight facts and then some when I do my “100 things about me post”. I’m in the middle of a day by day Proverbs Journey, on day 26 today so only five more to go. After a little break I’ll be back with my 100th post (technically that 100th post should have come in the middle of my Proverbs Journey, but I’m a stickler for finishing things in order [smile] Call it my “choleric side” – my sanguine side is the adventure loving part of me – can you tell I went to CLASS and learned about the personalities?)Thanks for the tag and those are some interesting facts about you 🙂 Antique castle, very cool. I once saw a show on HGTV where they did a house up like that. You would have loved it 🙂 I’m more clean line Scandinavian. I once had a mom’s group from my son’s Christian school meet at my house and the best complement I had was from a former airline stewardess. She said, “Wow, this place reminds me of when I traveled overseas… Scandinavian.” (Yes!) Hey, that should count for at least one fact, right?Have a great day!

  2. Good morning Susan! Just checking in before I start my chores.I am not a morning person but you must know that from my late night posts. 🙂 Thankfully, God made the coffee bean and I am slowly coming into the land of the living. I am in the middle of a series on Dreams but I took a little bit of a break – call it a coffee break.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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