Speachless- Thanks Tonya & Jerri B.

Wow. I am literally speechless and deeply touched. This means so much coming from two women I deeply admire and respect: Tonya and Jerri. It also sufficiently nullifies the two rejection letters I received this week.

“This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

This calls for a celebration. Be right back – I need to brew some decaff (It’s almost midnight right now). Brew some too so we can drink it together.

When God gave me the title for this blog, I had no idea that he would also awaken my voice and set my spirit soaring. Thank you, Jesus, for choosing me. I chose you always.

Mmmm. My heart is full. I’m so very grateful for good blogging friends who encourage, inspire and savor coffee with me as we blog down this journey of life.

In addition to receiving the award, I now get to pass the blessing on to seven other wonderful bloggers. Looking at the rules above, it doesn’t say you can’t reward someone who has previously received it. Therefore, I award the following very deserving individuals:

Three of these dear women I have never met in person: Jerri B, Connie, and Niki, yet they have each touched my heart with their inspirational blogs. Isn’t cyberspace wonderful?

Niki – your Sex, Love, and Marriage blog is ground breaking. I would love to see you do a book on that! I am also inspired by all that God is doing in you and your family as you blog My Journey.

Connie – I always look for your posts on Boomer Babes Rock. You just lay it all out and hold nothing back. I love that about your writing. Your passion for life comes through boldly in your aptly named blog, Living Life Passionately. I LOL and talk to my computer as I read your posts. I hope we can meet for coffee someday. I think I’ll add that to the fifty things I’m going to do before I turn 50.

Jerri B. – you came to my blog in an answer to prayer. I was questioning whether I’d heard from God right about something and it was the very thing you commented on. Thank you for obedience to Him. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten to know you through your blog and am loving what I see. I’d also love to see more of you, as in a picture on your Ponderings from the Path blog. Why are photographers so reluctant to have their photo taken?

Tonya – you see through the camera lens with the eyes of the Spirit. The wedding photo’s were absolutely incredible. I love your newest blog, because your soul shines through. I’m awed by your boldness in posting your weight. You’re an incredible woman and friend.

Megan – you’ve blossomed like a rare orchid in the time that I’ve known you. I’m more than thrilled at your two-book contract and am looking forward to devouring them. Your journey is the perfect example of perseverance and you have the character to continue to encourage those who haven’t yet arrived (Prisoner of Hope). Like an orchid, rare, soft, and light are words I would use to describe you.

Heather – I love that Starbucks makes you so happy. How refreshing to enjoy the simple things in life. Your journey will take you far and wide and I pray that you will enjoy the little things along the way. Your blog is insightful as well as refreshing in its vulnerability.

Paula – are you sure this award wasn’t created especially for you? Let’s see, it’s pink, lacy and feminine. Yep – made for you. Your tender heart is evident in Grace Reign. Like a pair of favorite jeans, the wringer is making you more tender and well loved.

6 thoughts on “Speachless- Thanks Tonya & Jerri B.

  1. Jan,Thank you. The last few weeks have been so intense in growth and warfare, and it has been an emotional harbor to visit your blog, hear your laughter and joy, know I’m not the only one, and be received in the midst of all that is my life right now. I love how the Lord has used this connection to encourage us both and confirm His path for us both. I cannot tell you what a blessing your blog has been or your personal comments. I thought of what you said when you commented that the awards you received cancelled your “rejection” letters. That is what I have found in your blog and comments–blessings to cancel the rejection the enemy is throwing at me at this time. I also had this thought float through my mind, and I am going to trust it was the voice of God, “Those aren’t rejection letters. God has not rejected her. Those are I-have-something-even-better-for-you letters.” Be blessed, blog buddy, you’ve got even better coming. In fact, it is greater than you can dream or imagine, so dream and imagine big! As for the picture, I can’t figure out how to get it into my profile. However, visit today, and I’ll have one you can see.

  2. Jan,You are such a blessing, I can’t believe I was nominated again. I know now that my kids weren’t not consulted in this decision whatsoever! 🙂 But really, you have come into my life at such a special time. Your words are life to my bruised soul. Thank you.

  3. What a great metaphor. I’m hanging onto that tender and well-loved thing. Makes me think of an old pair of jeans my daughter has on her wall. The knees are out and they’re faded, but they are colored with sharpie love notes–messages from the friends and loved ones who’ve signed them. Thanks, Jan. This blesses me.

  4. Jan, You made my day! Guess what, I’m sending you Chicken Soup for the Coffee Lover’s Soul when it comes out (November 2007)–you’ll love it! Just imagine 101 coffee stories…your cup will never be empty! I love my world of virtual friends; I think we need a reunion–what do you say? Hugs, Connie

  5. Jerri – I like the “I-have-something-even-better-for-you” word. In sales the average is 1 in 20 so I’m kinda used to it. Like you, I’ve had some pretty extreme warfare going on this week so it was such a nice affirmation. 🙂 Connie – some day soon I hope. 🙂 Hugs to all you wonderful women of God. You are so very special to me.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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