What’s In Your Basement?

Our basement was in chaos; It was terrible, an embarrassment. On the surface, our house looked good, as long as no one went into the basement. Once the wedding celebrations ended, we knew it was time to tackle it.

Grumpy #1 and Grump #2 didn’t really wants to clean up that mess. Surely there was a better way to spend the afternoon?

Fortunately, I’d sprayed for spiders a few days prior so they weren’t spinning and crawling, but their carcasses were everywhere. My first order of business was to vacuum up the mess.

Next, we placed all the Christmas stuff in one area. Time to toss the beautiful wreath which sheds crystal rocks everywhere.

Then the endless junk. Did we really move all that with us a year ago? Time to jettison most of it. An old buffer from a janitorial service we owned ten years ago, a suitcase without wheels, Thomas Kincaid prints we were tired of, brass candelabra’s (we’re into bronze now) and ivy kitchen stuff ( I’m doing a coffee theme these days- – who would’ve guessed?) The list goes on and on. Who says that because we have room we have to pile up boxes and boxes useless stuff?

Then we saw the treasures: an antique cabinet we hope to refinish some day, gramma’s vintage tea set, the dolls and stuffed animals from our childhood, our family ‘museum,’ numerous boxes of photo’s, my wedding gown, baby clothes etc. All timeless, irreplaceable treasures. We stacked them on a special shelf to keep them off the basement floor and in a location where we can find it when we need it.

After a few relatively painless hours, two large bags full of garbage, a stack of boxes to donate along with a stack of empty boxes to toss, we had accomplished a lot. As I was putting away the vacuum, God speaks to me, “Now for the basement in your heart.”

Groan. Sure, on the outside it looks good, but don’t go down there! Yep, the Holy Spirit went down and sprayed but there are carcasses of old issues that need to be vacuumed clean.

Just like the basement, most of my junk just needed to be jettisoned. Why was I cramming things into the basement when I should have just tossed them or given them to Jesus? There was even a sparkly wreath distracting me from the things of the spirit because I was constantly cleaning after it.

Yes, there are treasures buried in the junk which I need to separate from the chaos and put on a special shelf so when I need them, I’m ready. After some mental cleanup and prayer, I’d accomplished a lot.

This Sunday I cleaned a lot more than the basement of my house and. I imagine with diligence and regular maintenance, it will stay fairly clean. What about you? What’s in your basement?

Basement picture taken after the big cleanup.

2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Basement?

  1. Well, our conversation was a bit different because I don’t have a basement, but one comment went something like this, “You can demand to be right, or you can be happy. If you choose to be right, it’s your choice. Quit griping and blaming others for your misery. If you choose to be happy, you’ll find you don’t have anything to gripe about.” And THEN He started rummaging through emotional boxes dragging out stuff and asking, “Right or happy?” I’m glad He doesn’t let my personal basement stay nasty, but I’m really sort of sickened by some of the stuff He finds to dig up. I think a cup of coffee with some cool friends makes basement cleaning easier…

  2. Oh Jan, your post brought to light so much stuff that I am dealing with right now. I will have to wait till the cleaning is farther along before I can share. But your post ministered so much to my heart! You know when your sorting and cleaning, it can look like more of a mess during the process than before you started. This is where I am. I know that the bottom of my heart will look better, I just have to wait till we are done sorting out the junk from the treasures.Thank you dear friend for your post.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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