Breast Friends

Breast cancer is not a stranger to me. While it hasn’t physically affected me, it’s affected those I love. Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to encourage women to make their health a priority and schedule an annual mammogram. I’m always shocked at the number of women who put it off until they suddenly realize it’s been years since their last screening.

When, I had my first mammogram at forty, I decided to reward myself with a Godiva raspberry truffle and a little shopping. The next year I added coffee and invited friends. Last year we celebrated my mother in laws victory over breast cancer. Then, when a dear friend had a scare, we decided to celebrate her clean-bill-of-health with Godiva and Starbucks. We had several mini celebrations with friends and thought how fun it would be if we all did it together, so we came up with Breast Friends.

What is Breast Friends? It’s a group of women celebrating friendship, femininity and good health by encouraging one another to get mammograms and perform breast self-examinations. Is there a special day? Not necessarily. We chose Oct 19th. You pick a day that works for your group. How? Grab as many friends as you can and get them to schedule their mammogram on the same day around the same time. Go out to breakfast, lunch, or dinner together before the screening. Then after the mammograms go out for Starbucks and Godiva chocolate. Follow up with monthly emails to remind each other to do self-examinations. Those who are too young for mamo’s can be included in Breast Friends by completing their monthly self-examinations.

Start today – form a Breast Friends group with friends from your city. Reply in the comment section of this post when you form a BF club and tell us the day you’ve chosen. All group coordinators will be entered into a drawing to win a $10 Starbucks certificate on our Breast Friends day. Entry deadlines Oct 1st.

Celebration is the key. Take chocolate with you to pass out in the waiting room, bring coffee or Pepsi – just have fun. The point of BF is to take the fear out of getting a mammogram and to celebrate friendship, health and femininity. Join us won’t you?


7 thoughts on “Breast Friends

  1. This is such an awesome idea! My breast cancer story, “Touched by a Coffee-Loving Angel” comes out in the Chicken Soup for the Coffee-Lover’s Soul Book in November, but without giving too much of the story away, I shared how a cup of coffee literally saved my life! I’m going to put a link from my blog to yours!

  2. Jan, it is a great idea! I know this will help many that wouldn’t normally want to even deal with this issue. Not to mention, chocolate and coffee, they go with anything! 🙂

  3. Great idea about educating your friends about screening, but you forgot a very important tool: Breast thermography. Women need to know about and utilize breast thermography. A mammogram is an x-ray of your anatomy and finds cancer–after it has occurred. A normal mammogram does not necessarily mean your breast are completely healthy. Thermography is painless, uses no radiation and has been FDA approved for breast screening since 1982. It is test of your physiology. A thermogram can identify problems years before a mass is present on a mammogram, giving you a chance to be proactive. Thermography is a great tool for young women, those with dense breasts and those who are concerned about cancer reoccurrence on a remaining breast. Women need to drive this industry and require Conventional Medical doctors to do their home work. The newest equipment is digital and the international research advocating the use of thermography is compelling. One of the main reasons doctors don’t use it is because they can’t write a prescription for a drug to address an abnormal finding: The answer is in dietary changes, specific vitamins/ supplements and homeopathic detoxification. Remember: Mammograms do not prevent cancer….they “find it early.”There are many things you can do to improve breast health. Find out more here on my blog: Beat Breast Cancer: Focus on Breast Health.Find out more here:

  4. Thank you, Dr Sherri, for your informative response. There are some in our group who have used thermography with good results, though not all insurance will pay for it. The center we use does have this technololgy available.We now have two dates. The afternoon of the 19th and Nov 9th, late morning at the Belleview Sally Jobe Center. Please let me know if you want to be in one of these groups.

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