A Most Unusual Day

We had a bizarre day today. Not bad – just strange. Unusual things happened all day. To begin with, the weather was odd. Hot in the morning, big storm in the late afternoon and then hot again. Usually a late afternoon storm keeps it cool for the rest of the day. I changed once and then decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

Greg wanted to watch a movie on TV, which we haven’t done since it last snowed. So, I picked up some mending and actually got three pieces done (second weird thing).

Then Greg went to work on the door lock that broke off in the garage entrance door (while it was closed) right before our son’s rehearsal dinner. He released the knob and took out the guts out so we could open the door again. Have you ever heard of that happening? Curiouser and curiouser.

Since it was hot again, I decided to go into the basement, vacuum out the window wells, the floors and do some organizing. I filled up a giant garbage bag full of who-knows-what. There is an inordinate amount of junk down there. It’s time to sell some of it on Craig’s List. The basement is such a big and vast job, I usually would devote a day or weekend, not an hour. But, nothing was typical today and this was right on track with the rest of the day.

Next, we ate dinner at The Black-eyed Pea. We shared an appetizer, hamburger and a desert but I still feel like I ate too much. Greg laughs because I had to have a coffee with desert even though I had ice tea with my meal. He say’s it’s a little Mary Tyler Moorish. Everyone knows you have to have hot black coffee with something sweet!

Then on to Lowe’s for a new doorknob. There’s one just up the street. Sadly, they know me pretty well in there. Our house is in its prime – which is another way of saying its neither old nor new, like us. Because of its age, things wear out and need replacing. The door lock is just one example.

“Hi Sweetie, what are you gong to do with this?” an older lady who works there asks. I want to say, “Well, it’s a doorknob so I think I’ll put it on a window just to be different.” However, I tell her my story because she’s old and I’m not going to be rude. She say’s, “Wow. I’ve never heard of that happening before.” See how the day goes? And she works in a hardware store!

Now we are on our way to the airport to pick up the honeymooners. My son and his new bride are coming back from San Francisco. We really missed them even though we’ve often gone over a week without seeing them. They are excited to be home and have many stories to tell. They took over 700 pictures (almost as many as Tonya took at their wedding) and will show the family at their wedding gift-opening event tomorrow night. They stopped over in Napa and I can’t wait to see the pictures of where we used to live.

We got home shortly after nine. Greg asked me what I was going to do next. “I’m putting this doorknob on.” He laughs because he knows I’m not very patient. He also knows I love a challenge. No big deal for him, but he didn’t have time and I don’t go to bed until late.

My MIL walks by as I’m installing it, “What are you doing!”
“Putting on the doorknob.”
“Don’t you think you should let Greg do that?”
This is code for that’s a man’s job. I’ve told her not to say that so much that she’s been broke of the habit. I understand – she is old school. Boy is she going to be surprised in the morning. I admit I am pleased with myself. I learned to do this when I was working as an apartment manager but that was fifteen years ago.

I am ending my day hammering away at the keyboard. I believe this is the first normal thing I’ve done all day.

BTW – we attend church on Saturday night. It works best for my late night writing schedule. Awesome service this week on happiness. Check it out.


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The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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