Birthday Tribute

When I was thirteen, I asked God if there was a decent men out there. That night I dreamed of him. The next day I met him – my soul mate – the one God chose for me.

We have been through thick and thin (literally) and he has stood by me all the way. Today is his birthday but we are too tired to go to the movies (our son was married this past Saturday).

I made him a special dinner complete with tablecloth (No, Diane, I didn’t iron it!) and sat on the front porch watching it rain. It was quiet and peaceful.

We realized how special the simpler things of life can be if we stop to enjoy them. We talked about joining the Front Porch Union as we laughed in our matching white rockers. Time marches on and my love for him grows along with each birthday.

This morning he wrote me a thank you note for all I’ve done; this man who helped make our kids wedding possible and pays for everything from the high water bill to the groceries. So, on your birthday, I salute and honor you for bringing home the bacon, and sometimes the filet minion. Happy Birthday with Love.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Tribute

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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