Running with the Ball

When God first gave me the idea for this blog, he didn’t initially give me a name. I’m a take the ball and run with it kind of woman, so I grabbed the ball and started running. But, I couldn’t think of anything. So I stewed and Googled and agonized on what to name my blog. Everything I came up with was already in use – some of them were really good too! I tried walking out my frustrations and I still got nothing. Finally, I just sat in front of my computer, threw up my hands (not literally) and told God, “This would be a really good time for you to give me the name of my new blog.” And so, He did. All I had to do was ask. Imagine that. I picture Him shaking his head in fatherly amusement thinking, “Jan, when are you going to ask me?”

It made me wonder how many things like this I try to do on my own, either because it doesn’t occur to me to ask or because I figure I’ve got it. Obviously, God’s idea for my blog was way better than the ones I came up with. Now I get it. Ever been there?

Sometimes, with the seemingly smaller things, it’s harder for me to ask for God’s help. Struggling to juggle all the balls, a few slip through my hands and roll down the street. He gathers them and waits. When I finally come to Him, he throws some away, hands me several new ones and shows me how to keep them all in motion.

God really does want to be a part of my everyday life – even the small things. In fact, I need to stop sweating about them. He’s just waiting for me to ask.


3 thoughts on “Running with the Ball

  1. Balance is the key word, isn’t it. Allowing God to run things instead of me, has been one of my greatest challenges as a Christian. Leaning on Him, and not on myself can be very scary at times. But worth it, every time! Great post, Jan, I can’t wait to see where God takes you with this blog.

  2. I love the blog! You’re doing profound things here Jan! You’re an insightful woman and I can’t wait to meet you. I understood this post really well since it mirrors my own journey. Good stuff! 😉

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. - Psalm 34:19

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